Christmas Pay-it-forward

Sarvam Shakti
2 min readJul 22, 2022


Christmas is a very special time of merriment and joy all across the world.
It was no different for the Shakti girls as they partook in cheerful
celebration as a part of the Christmas Carnival conducted in the residential
complex of their Centre in Gurgaon.

Shaktis craftwork for raising money for an animal charity!

In the days leading to the event, the girls could be seen rushing to the
centre with chart paper, glue, and various stationery items often provided
by their fellow friend who is a resident of the colony. On the day of the
carnival, the girls had a blast setting up their stall alongside the stall of
established vendors and food joints. They made handcrafted decorative
items like photo-frames, paper chandeliers, and Christmas themed-
products, and stood with wide smiles as they welcomed people to their stall.
The visitors marveled at the fact that these items had no prices- they were
free to donate whatever amount they wished to when buying a product.

An 8 year olds awesome Xmas Tree

Needless to say, the girls had a wide number of happy customers and at the
end of the day, their hard work paid off. However, the girls’ next step
stunned everyone alike. They insisted that the collected money be donated to the Rekha Vohra Foundation, an animal charity that works for the betterment of strays.
The Shakti girls displayed thoughtfulness and selfless generosity in their deed. They set an example for people who are strangled with greed and continue to water their seeds with such values.



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