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2 min readJul 20, 2022

Learning experiences through Queen of Katwe screening!

Personality development has increasingly become paramount to individuals seeking to become better in any facet of the lives of Shaktis

Sarvam Shakti provides exposure to various activities to students for their holistic development for becoming more conscious empathic members of society.

Recently Sarvam organized a movie day where ‘Queen of Katwe’ was screened for ALL students of the Haryana and Delhi centres. Movies are not just a medium of entertainment but a solid source of knowledge and inspiration.

Every student had a different take on the movie. Anshika now believes that you belong where you believe you belong. She got inspired by Coach Katende — the chess teacher who tells his students that it does not matter where they come from, what matters is what they believe that they belong to.

Anshika wants to become a teacher in the future and will fight against all the odds that will come her way and will not consider her background as a barrier.

Viveka got intrigued by how Phiona envisioned being a great chess master and was able to become one because she pushed her boundaries to be better and embrace changes at every stage. She firmly believes that personal development empowers you to move with change.

Simran compares her mentor with Phiona’s mentor and says that Phiona got a great, supportive and ambitious mentor as she got in Sarvam Shakti in Hemangi Ma’am and Nehha Didi.

She says that one must always find a mentor who would know more about you and would know what about dreams and aspirations.

The movie imparted the values of never giving up, taking failure as feedback, and the importance of solving and planning in life. Phiona became a stimulating and inspiring character in everyone’s life.

Sarvam Shakti

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