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Sarvam Shakti
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Recently in an interview with Ms. Mridula Nambiar who is a selfless and dedicated dance teacher atSarvam Shakti and serving the institution from the past 5 years with her hardwork and determination shares some of her experiences with us.

Mridula brief us about her background with deep relationship with dance particularly Bharatanatyam. She tells us that she has been born and bought up in a South Indian family and lead the legacy of adopting Bharatanatyam and learning it with all the dedication so that the dance form can be preserved for generations to come. Bharatanatyam has been a prominent part of her life and she is been learning it since she was 7 years old. It is claimed that it is the oldest form of dance prevalent in Southern most state Tamil
Nadu. It has always made her connected to her roots.

The Shaktis choreographed a Happy Brthday video for their beloved teacher-

Further she shares her experience of teaching students at Sarvam Shakti. It was difficult for students to adapt completely new form of dance and learning it was a more difficult task. But slowly and steadily the students started to grab the dance form and became good at it over time.

She further adds that she has seen tremendous health and other benefits in students after learning the dance form.
While performing Bharatanatyam, one needs to remember the mudras, karanas and hastas to perform well. It requires a lot of concentration and attention to remember all this correctly. Due to this students have improved their concentration power which now help them in their
academics as well as in their daily life also. During the initial growing years of children it is very important and beneficial for them to take
part in some extra curricular activities and keep doing some physical activity.

Through the advent of Bharatanatyam in their lives they are able to fulfill their needs. It has improved their flexibility and stamina. The movements help in making the muscles strong. It is no less than
yoga or exercise. So a few hours of practice and movements of limbs help in boosting stamina. Mudras are very important part of Bharatanatyam, they are created by different body parts that enhance flexibility. Dancing also help in keeping heart healthy.

Mridula concludes by saying that she has seen all the students growing and excelling very well over all these years and have become really disciplined and hardworking. They have become so skilled that they teach their younger ones also.



Sarvam Shakti

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