Meet Rinky- a future architect at Sarvam Foundation

Sarvam Shakti
2 min readDec 29, 2020


Aerial view of a city
India in Lockdown
Galaxy Mandala Art
Study of varying opacity
Composition using Earth colours
Composition on Split Complimentary

CSarvam Shakti senior Rinky is one of those exceptionally talented fine artistes with a penchant for very detailed work. Her art skills are being further honed at Shakti under the able guidance of Smt. Ritu Sangal whose breadth of experience is awe-inspiring. Throughout the lockdown, Rinky has been working hard via video calls with her teacher and expressing the many emotions that come through her through her art. Rinky lives in one bedroom with her sister and parents. Rinky’s father is a ‘maali’ bhaiya (gardener) in a school nearby. Rinky had represented India through Shakti’s project with Brave Kids, Poland in 2015. She had been on and off learning various things at Shakti but has found her true calling in Fine Arts. Rinky is training to becoming an architect.

Rinky (left) with her sister Pinky

Rinky was recently discovered to have an intolerance to wheat. Shakti bought a grinder to make Cheelas instead with dals and grains and she is now healthier for the same. This is a recent picture of Rinky sharing the chocolates she received at Sarvam with those who may need it more, in her neighborhood.

Distributing her happiness
DURGA PUJO (worship of the Goddess)



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