Paying it forward

Sarvam Shakti
2 min readJul 22, 2022

Learning true compassion and love at Sarvam Shakti

The more you give out, the more you get back in return. This is what
Shaktis believe as they donate further the items that they receive in
donation. Sarvam is grateful for various organizations that often help the
foundation in terms of donations, organizing events, etc. One such
organization that donates surplus food items to Sarvam is the Indian Food
Banking Network (IFBN).

Sharing by truly sharing what they love with those less fortunate

The girls at Shakti received a ton of chocolate bars along with numerous
other food items recently, and what they did with the donation showcased
their humility and generosity. They kept whatever they could, but did not
let anything go to waste in the storage of the house. Instead, they went
around their own localities giving out the food items house by house, asking
people if they needed anything, all smiles the entire time.

Shaktis doing Langar Seva in the local Gurudwara

Not many possess the power of command over one’s own greed and wants.
These students set an example of accepting with one hand and giving out
with the other, with stern faith in humanity. They march forward learning
the values of gratitude, service, empathy and humanity at Sarvam Shakti.



Sarvam Shakti

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