Spoken English classes at Shakti!

Sarvam Shakti
1 min readJul 22, 2022

Sarvam Shakti provides spoken English classes for the students as it plays an important part in broadening their minds, developing skills, and improving their quality of life by providing job opportunities.

For Muskan, learning spoken English helps her to overcome the fear of making mistakes. It gave a boost to her confidence in academics and other areas of life as well.

Smiling and meditation before study classes!

Khushi quotes “We have learned through practice and at times we have put ourselves into uncomfortable situations because we knew that discomfort will last for a short time while the feeling of accomplishment and achievement remains for a long with us”.

Kajal now understands the importance of spoken English as the basis of global communications. It allows her to understand people better and connect to her life experience more profoundly.

Teacher at Sarvam Shakti, Ms. Ruchi Jain expresses her joy in sharing the progress of students and the evolution that she has seen since the beginning.

Students who have inculcated self-reliance and self-respect, now look forward to achieving something impactable in life. She concludes by saying that Sarvam seeks holistic development for girls and not only an academic base which is truly remarkable.



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