Story of Amrita: The 13 year old Sarvam Student who teaches Yoga

Sarvam Shakti
1 min readMay 16, 2021


Yoga in traditional Indian roots is the oldest complex spiritual philosophy that has become a well being and fitness trend in modern times. The students of Sarvam are taught yoga by the best teachers all over India. Their understanding of yoga, its meaning and its performance are unmatched and true. One of the students has taken it to another level by offering personal yoga classes at a young age.


Amrita aged 13 is a bright student at Sarvam Shakti. She is currently studying in grade 7th. She is sporty, lively, fond of dancing and aspires to become a classical dancer and choreographer. She has good knowledge of yoga and fluently performs a wide ray of asanas (poses). She started teaching yoga one on one a few months ago for which she is paid. She teaches Surya Namaskar and several yoga asanas (poses).

Young students at Sarvam never fail to impress us with their determination and willingness to learn. It is displayed through such stories where yoga becomes a source of income and self exploration for such young children like Amrita.

Check out this video of Amrita practicing Yoga -

Amrita practicing and learning Yoga in the first lockdown



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