Story of Rinky: The young visual artist from Sarvam

Sarvam Shakti
2 min readMay 16, 2021


“Art is a form of expression that can take many forms” We feel to express what others fail to display in words, body movements, craftsmanship and illustrations through artistic expression. The students of Sarvam are highly creative artists and not just limited to Indian classical performing arts. One of the students from Sarvam Shakti has proven to be adept at visual arts.

Rinky Sahoo: The young artist

Rinky Sahoo aged 19 from Delhi is studying to become an architect. Her talent and passion for art ignites her aspirations of making her family proud and securing her dream job. She says “I find enjoyment in being creative. I want to express my thoughts and peoples thoughts through drawing and painting. Somehow, we have nearly the same life experiences all over the world and so when we express something through anything one captures and relates to that, which comforts or makes them feel not lonely.” Her deep thinking process in creative exploration of visual arts can be easily seen through her unique artworks. She uses bright colours and tints, breakdown of hues and geometrical interpretations in her art that move you.

Compilation of Rinky’s Art

Furthermore, Her creative pursuits are already materializing as she continues to explore and work harder everyday. She is interning at Culture Chauraha where she teaches basics of fine arts online to other children.

Rinky has always been a bright student, she was a school captain of her house in school and was also one of the students who represented Sarvam Shakti at Poland, Europe in Brave kids 2015. Rinky is an amazing artist, student, leader and teacher who is yet to make her mark on the world.

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