Story of two amazing volunteers at Shakti!

Sarvam Shakti
3 min readJul 22, 2022


Ever since the Shakti project ventured, Sarvam has been witness to various
encouraging and supportive individuals as well as organizations that show
unwavering support to the girls whenever they need it. Among these
superheroes are the girls’ beloved Kirti Ma’am and her two daughters
Manya and Lavanya.

Hemangi Ma’am and Sanya and Kirti Ma’am with some Shaktis

Kirti ma’am highly appreciates what the foundation stands for and
everything that Hemangi ma’am does in Gurgaon and Vasant Kunj
selflessly, solely for the molding and growth of the Shaktis. She believes
that in a society like India, even after progressive developments, it cannot
be denied that people continue to prioritize the needs and development of
young boys more than they care to do with girls- be it education or
nutrition. She applauds Hemangi ma’am and the Foundation for striking
the very root of the problem and working tirelessly day in-and-out in the
direction of change. By educating a girl, one educates an entire generation.
One act that she has borrowed and implemented into her own lifestyle is
eating black chickpeas, after she observed Hemangi ma’am provide it to the girls for being a rich source of protein
. Ma’am states that she is always there to help the kids with books and doubts and feels delighted to see positive changes in every girl who enrolls into Sarvam. She shares- “People
everywhere are just filled with greed. Here, they are taught to give back”

Sisterhood with Sanya didi!

Her thoughts are supported by her two daughters, who associate with
Sarvam closely. The elder of the two, Manya, laid the seeds of a proper
routine of learning academics along with dance during the pandemic and
was among the first few teacher figures for the girls. She emphasized on the importance of learning the global language of English in an age like today
along with various other subjects and continues to contribute with her
teaching whenever she can amidst her busy academic schedule outside of
the city. She also encouraged her peers and colleagues to come forward and
do their part.

The younger daughter, Lavanya absolutely loves spending time with the
Shaktis. She rushes to the centre every opportunity she gets and it is
amusing and inspiring to see someone so young with such a mature
command while teaching. Lovingly called Sanya at home, she holds the
belief that as someone who was born surrounded by opportunities, it is her
duty to lend it forward. She does this by sharing her knowledge and
companionship. Belonging to a different social and economic class,
Lavanya’s unbrazen support keeps the Shaktis motivated and encouraged as she utilizes her position in a useful manner.
One example is the Christmas carnival conducted in the residential colony of the centre, where she tirelessly helped the girls with their handcrafted products and also
provided necessary stationery items. During the event, she continued to
stick by the girls’ stall and appealed to the attendees to visit them and
purchase their products. Both the daughters’ commitment is shown by their
strict obedience to time-tables and work.

The Shaktis know that they can undoubtedly count on Kirti ma’am and her
daughters at any given time, and it is because of the dedication and support
of superheroes like these that the cause of the Foundation blooms fruitful.
The girls are grateful for them eternally.



Sarvam Shakti

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